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Eco Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Posted in Home Designs

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two areas in your house where the clean water is constantly high. But in a water scarce country, we do not have the luxury of spending this resource as and when we choose. The need of the day is clever bathroom designs which will not only save us the huge bill we accrue by spending lot of water, but also save the nation a huge water debt in the coming future.

Eco-friendly home and bathroom is becoming popular nowadays. Keep on reading below about the ideas on how you will design your bathroom in an eco-friendly manner.

Use natural as much as you can

For drying yourself, use an organic cotton towel which is free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). And since these towels are organic, you know that the process by which they were made would not have harmed Mother Earth as well. You can also use organic mats, and other organic and natural products like soaps and shampoos, and even bathroom cleaners. Organic is safe; not only for you but for your surroundings as well.

Environmentally friendly windows

We all know that glass captures heat and makes your house warm. So instead of going for huge glass windows, try using roller shades made of naturally available materials which will keep your bathroom shaded while allowing natural light and wind to filter through. This can be done by Sydney bathroom renovations.

Lighting fixtures

Use CFL bulbs and lights in your bathroom to reduce your energy consumption. Though CFL lights are a little expensive than normal lights, the long term benefits of the CFL is undoubted.