Early Signs of Industrial Deafness You Should Not Ignore

Do you constantly turn up the volume of the television? Do you sometimes find it hard to talk on the phone because you can’t properly hear what the other person is saying? Don’t ignore these signs since they might already be pointing to industrial deafness. This condition is caused by the damage of the inner ear due to prolonged exposure to intense noise. Perhaps it’s time to take an online hearing test by Freedom Hearing. Watch out for the following symptoms:

Unable to hear speech with background noise

When you are at a cocktail party with your friends and you feel like you’re unable to hear their talk amidst the background noise, that’s one sign of industrial deafness. Whatever challenging environment you’re in, you should be able to hear sounds and speech. If not, then maybe something’s wrong. See a specialist as early as possible to prevent total loss of hearing. Check out hearing test online for initial assessment.

Constant ringing noise inside ears

The buzzing, roaring and ringing noises in the ears is an early sign of industrial deafness. Since this is due constant exposure to intense noise, people who tend to have this are construction workers, airfields, ship building, or people working at a night club. If you happen to be employed in one of these environments, better consult an audiologist to know the proper precautions to take. 

Missing parts of conversation

If you’re in the middle of a conversation and you’ve noticed a missing sound in between words, then consider visiting a specialist. It is highly advisable that you do this as soon as you experience this phenomenon because it is a strong sign of industrial deafness.

Lack of hearing in one ear

Sudden loss of hearing in one ear is a sign of industrial deafness. This does not usually happen spontaneously,  unless you recently went swimming or cliff diving. However, don’t panic right away because this could just mean a minor infection in the ear.

You should take note of these signs to immediately address the problem. There is hearing test online offered by companies like Freedom Hearing. Take advantage of this opportunity as early as you can. Freedom hearing also offers compensation assistance, free interpreters for legal and medical affairs and patient care. Register in their website and discover if you’re eligible for free digital hearing assistance.