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Dumbbell for Your Home Gym Guide

Posted in Health & Fitness

Having the time to visit Blackwood Fitness is a reward but having a home gym is a bonus – you can decide which equipments you want to buy and at what stage in your training. Your home gym may be stocked completely differently from that of your neighbor – mostly because we all have different body types and we need different equipments to train.

There are some things though that are constant and dumbbells are one of them. Home gyms are incomplete without a stack of dumbbells lying around to do free weights with. But when you have barbells and weight racks why would you want to consider buying the not-so-effective looking dumbbell? As you will find out, there is a lot to recommend these small exercise tools.

The benefits of buying dumbbells

  • They come in small sizes and are easily fitted anywhere in the gym. Storage is not a problem as it is with other bigger equipment.
  • They are easily carried around and can be packed while travelling as well so you do not miss out on exercise while away from home.
  • Dumbbells can be used in various ways to not only exercise your arms but also your core and other areas. Combined with an exercise ball they are great for doing Pilates.
  • They are much cheaper than weight racks and other such equipments and should be the first thing you buy for your home gym while you meditate on the other purchases.
  • They can be used by any person of any height, weight, size, or body type.

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