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Posted in Medical

There is an important concept that most people have never heard of called iatrogenics. This term applies to many fields, especially medicine. Iatrogenics states that sometimes even the best doctors make bad decisions and treatment for a condition can lead to more symptoms and pain.

This is why we must be rigorous and truly ill when we decide to see a doctor. The human body is extremely resilient. Often times our bodies will naturally heal themselves if we give them enough time. The analogy of a candle being blown out by the wind but then spontaneously relighting is a good way to think about it. Evolution gave our bodies ways to adapt to stress and illness. Giving your body time to heal before risking a potential worsening of the condition by going to doctor is crucial. 

Of course one should always seek treatment from a doctor if their condition becomes life-threatening. There is a certain threshold that must be taken into consideration when dealing with iatrogenics.

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