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Do Pets need Yearly Health Check-ups

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As a pet owner, you may have often wondered – does my healthy pet actually need a check up every year? After all, humans get by without visiting their doctors so frequently. But then the consequences of not visiting your doctor can also prove to be disastrous – heart attacks and cancers in case of humans, and virus borne diseases in case of dogs. The key is to understand that an annual check-up is more than an excuse to load up your pet with a vaccine. And if your vet recommends it, then there must be a strong enough reason for it. Let’s look a little more closely at the whole conundrum and then maybe it would be easier to decide the answer to this ‘should I, should I not’ problem.

What does the vet do that I cannot?

The answer is – a lot! You may think the vet is just looking at your pet but in fact he is knowledgeable to what is best for your pets. Eyes, ears, nose, hair or coat, he looks at all these body parts and examines each for any tell tale symptoms that something is wrong with your pet. Even though it may look like he is not doing much his trained eyes do not miss anything, and pick up the minutest itch or bump or swell. The vaccination may or may not be as important as you think depending on your pet’s lifestyle and eating habits, but the general examination is a must.

Veterinary Clinic is trained to read the signs that your pet is giving and that you have missed.