Do It Yourself Office Chair

Office chairs are furniture you should invest in whether it is really for the office or just your work space at home. An ergonomic office chair will make you more comfortable while working long hours so there is increased productivity. However, you do not need to spend heaps of money when getting the right chair for you. In fact, you can make your own office chairs from old ones. Here is how:

• Gather all the materials you will be needing. You can look for old office chairs at home or buy used ones at the thrift shop. Choose the type of office chair depending on your desk height and comfort needs. Measure the back rests and cushions so you’ll know how much fabric you will be needing for re-upholstering. You can choose from different kinds of fabric from leather to canvas to colorful printed ones to match your personality. You will also be needing screwdrivers. Check the screws of your chair so you’ll know which type to use. Scissors and staple guns are also necessary in this project. Lastly you may need an extra pair of hands so go and ask help from friends and loved ones.

• Deconstruct your chair. Unscrew the arm rests and legs as well as free up the cushioning and the back rests for easier upholstering. Make sure to reveal all staples. Based from experience this is easier done when the chair is at its side.

• Reupholstering. Cut the fabric to fit the cushion and backrest with at least 4 inches’ margin. Make sure that if it is patterned, that the patterns are aligned to the chair. When you are happy with the positioning, staple the fabric in place. Use a lot of staples. Make sure that it is taut when you do so as fabrics become loosened through time. Begin with the sides first and do the corners last. Make sure that the corners are well secured and unrumpled to prevent from dust gathering here in the future. Trim away all extra fabric.

• Reassemble your chair. Put together the arm rests legs cushions and backrest by screwing them back together. Make sure that they are in their proper places and that the screws are tight for your safety.

You see, refurbishing an old chair is easy. Not only did you save money but made sure that your chair is very personalized. Now, you are ready to utilize these refurbished chair. Go sit, be comfortable and work the hours away in your new office chairs.

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