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DIY Tips in Dry Cleaning Your Carpet

Posted in Home Maintenance

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the easy tasks you can do at home. By having the correct knowledge on doing it yourself, you can have your carpet all cleaned without calling any dry cleaning company. Aside from saving money, you can spare yourself from being stressed once your carpet is damaged by your carpet cleaning company.

However, proper tools are also needed in dry carpet cleaning Sydney. If you think you are all ready, check out these useful tips to start dry cleaning your carpet.

  • Make sure to vacuum first your carpet. By doing this, you remove all the dust and dry soil on the carpet, making it easier for you to do dry carpet cleaning. Start from your bedroom, until you reach downstairs and vacuumed all the carpeted areas.
  • You are doing-it-yourself dry carpet cleaning, so it means you also have to make DIY chemicals to be used on your carpet.

You may try mixing in a blender ½ cup cornmeal, ½ cornstarch and 2 cups baking soda. Add 4 bay leaves and 1 whole cloves to the ingredients (these two has an antibacterial compound making your carpet safer from germs). After blending all the ingredients, put it in a sprinkle-top container.

  • Sprinkle the powder that you have made on your carpet, and make sure you leave it overnight. By doing this method, you allow the powder to smoothen the dirt attached on your carpet.
  • The next day, use again your vacuum cleaner to finish your dry carpet cleaning. This homemade carpet cleaner removes tough stains, and very easy to find. You can even find these ingredients in your kitchen.

Following these helpful tips can make your carpet all clean and germ-free. Also, you avoid spending money on what you can even do by yourself. There are many things to spend your money on, and cleaning your carpet is not one of them.

Learning how to dry clean your carpet is so easy, so why not try this as soon as possible to know that you are also capable of doing what professional dry cleaning services do. You can even clean along with your children and bond while cleaning. This way, you can already teach them on how to dry clean your carpet.

However, carpets with heavy stains and soils really do need a carpet cleaning company to ensure that it would become clean again and restore your carpet’s original appearance. Just make sure the cleaning company has good reviews for you to not waste your money.