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Difference Between Mining Cables and Marine Cables

Posted in Industrial

There are many construction and industrial applications where the use of cables are necessary. The selection between marine cables and mining cables can be confusing at times, but if you analyze your needs depending on the characteristics of cables then the selection can be appropriate and useful. Industries like defense, aerospace, mining, automobile, etc. has several industrial applications where these cables need to be used. So, one has to pay close attention to the needs to select accordingly.

Severe environmental conditions

Mining cables Australia have the capacity to withstand the various weather effects without causing any trouble. They stay firm whether the environment is extreme hot or cold. As these cables are used for underground purposes, they can withstand rough handling and are very durable. For underground and surface mining operations, these cables are built differently and you can find several types of these cables which ensure good productivity.

The work is performed easily with the use of these cables. The construction also varies where you can find flat and round construction of these cables. The design of the cable is as per the application or specific requirement. The risk of damage to the underlying components is also minimized with their use.

On the other hand marine cables are used for communications and laid on the ocean floor and used for alarm safety and critical applications. They must remain functional at the time of calamity like if there is a fire the marine cable can work up to 3 hours and therefore for industrial applications these are not suitable. These cables are suitable only for wet lands, decks or steamy places.