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What’s the Difference Between a Gas Fitter and a Plumber?

Posted in Services

Between gas fitters and plumbers, which type of service do you really need?  These two services are both capable of installing gas filters and they both are often contacted by a lot of customers. 

There are some notable differences between the two type of service. Know what they are so you’ll know who to hire for your specific situation. 

Gas Fitters

Gas fitters are always the perfect professionals to contact whenever you want to get your gas tanks and filters installed. They are specially trained in handling gas systems, so they have a more accurate knowledge regarding what to do. However, these professionals are licensed to do gas-appliance related jobs only. These include installing or fixing cooktops, stoves, and gas barbecues. They are not trained to do water-related work. 


In Australia, a licensed plumber is trained to do water plumbing, roofing, draining, and gas fitting. These licensed plumbers are different from regular handymen since they underwent training regarding a wide range of housework. Plumbers are able to do gas fitting work as well. 

So if you want to find out which expert to hire, determine your needs first. If you need to have both water-work and gasfitting done, then you call a plumber.  On the other hand, if you only need to accomplish gas fitting tasks such as installing a new stovetop, then a gas fitter is the best person to do the job.