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Determining Factors when Buying Simulated Diamond Rings

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In today’s time, it cannot be refuted by anyone that diamonds are truly are a women’s best friend. After all, it is created naturally through the process of compression of carbon for over hundreds of years, because of geological methods. That is why because of its attractive look, it is always considered on the top of the list of a woman’s collections. As a matter of fact, simulated diamond rings have become in demand compared to other stones that are generally sold in the market.

Factors to consider before buying

One of the important factors that a buyer should consider when buying simulated diamond rings is the cutting. A good cutting of the diamond or any kind of stone is playing a huge role in improving its beauty and overall physical appearance. Depending on the cutting it has, the size of the stone may look little than in reality.

Another factor is the different metals used for simulated diamond rings and its settings. There is no wrong or right type of metal to choose. If you want to make a smart purchase, then you should consider the durability of the metal in relation to its price tag.

(1) Sterling Silver

This is characterized as a soft metal that is usually labeled as .925. As it is oxidized over a period of time, its surface will become tarnished. Such discoloration can be rubbed off on the skin; this is why it is essential to shine silver jewelry regularly.

(2) Copper

Even though it is not the most typical metal used for simulated diamond rings, this metal is frequently used for many jewelry parts that are intended to appear rustic. Over a period of time, the metal fades and tarnishes, resulting to a discoloration on the user’s skin. On the other hand, this kind of metal can be sanitized using copper jewelry cleaner or lemon juice. This is considered as a very affordable property of simulated diamond rings.

(3) Yellow Gold

Gold is very soft when it’s in pure form. Nevertheless, it is usually blended with metal alloys to form an even more solid material. It is measured in karats. The marking for a karat indicates the quantity of gold in the jewelry piece. Smaller figures of karat imply that there is less gold. However, the smaller figures also imply greater strength. This metal is frequently utilized for better-quality jewelry pieces.

(4) White Gold

Even though white gold is not a usual metal utilized with simulated diamond rings, this may also be found in earrings. Additionally, it is used with moissanite. This kind of metal is measured also in karats. This can also be used for plated settings with platinum in some instances.