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Designer Shoes – Common Myths

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Mens dress shoes companies promote their athletic shoes in such a strong way; complete with the pictures of brawny men running swiftly with their shoes on, that anybody would be enticed to buy these shoes. However, sports shoes are not without their share of problems. Athletic shoes elevate the heel of your feet, extend and pinch together your toes, and cause structural changes in your toes that will remain unless you take steps to reverse the deformation.

Myth 1

Foot problems like bunions and neuromas that occur due to wearing designer shoes can only be treated by a surgery.

Myth Debunked

Most of the problems your feet suffer from can be treated without any invasive procedures like surgery. Usually, the correction procedure requires you to wear shoes that allow your feet to be in the normal position that nature intended it to be in. These problems can usually solve themselves if you would only stop wearing shoes that distort your feet’s normal shape and contour.

Myth 2

Aging is one of the main reasons one has foot problems like osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal problems.

Myth Debunked

While it is true that the aging process does cause changes in your body, the notion that it could also be the reason behind the problems your feet face is absolutely wrong. Musculoskeletal problems that hurt your feet occur due to wrong choice of shoes that one wears and the niggling pain when your shoes pinch your toes can grow to become something larger in old age.