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Decorating and Customizing Children’s Storage Boxes Tips

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Storage boxes are necessary, whether it’s for you or your child. To engage a child, decorate it with colourful fabric, paints or items. Children love colours. For girls, cute colours may work. For boys, keep the colours bright, dark but natural. Draw their favourite cartoon character, food or something that they love watching on the sides. Sometimes unbreakable mirrors are a good option – as they enjoy seeing themselves. Unbreakable mirrors are however an expensive option.

Involve your child in the process

You have to involve your child in the process of decoration. You can ask your child to decide what all he/ she would like to put in the box. Ask them to draw or paste cute stickers. Use different techniques to arouse their interest in the box. Gift them if they keep it tidy – making them more accountable for the mess they create. Ask them to use their funny drawings, paintings or any other stuff to decorate it.

Decorate to make putting in things fun

You can decorate the storage boxes in the form of a cute animal’s mouth. Ask your child to feed the animal by putting things in. This will be a fancy thing for them and they would put in everything they see outside. This will help make the room tidy. Use such innovative ideas that can grasp your child’s attention. Also, make it difficult for them to remove certain things. They would try and give up. At least, you would not have to follow-up to see where the things are.