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Customized Web Applications

Posted in Marketing

Attendance applications are customized web applications which are now used by almost every business concern in order to regulate employee work hours and maintain time sheets. If you are hiring a web designing firm for developing a timesheet application then you can ask them to implement graphs, charts and other data enhancers which make it easier for you to manage the employee performance process.

Creation of consumer mailing lists

Any business which wants to regulate its customer acquisition process should want to create comprehensive and segregrated consumer lists for all its commercial interests. Potential customers, repeat customers, loyal customers, drifting customers; the list of customer dynamics is endless and at times it becomes very difficult for the business manager to handle all this information. This is where web applications come into play as they help to make this segregation and customization process.

Auto response e mail systems

When you are in business then you have to keep on sending a lot of unsolicited e mails to people. Sometimes you will have to send bulk sms, web applications which can be configured to mobile phones and other electronic items. Development of these applications will need specialized knowledge and a collaborative approach from the web designers and your marketing team. Various databases will have to be constructed on the basis of the response generated by such e mails. Re engineering projects and user defined interfaces can also be called a part of customized web application design.

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