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Criteria in Hiring a Corporate Caterer

Posted in Food

When you hire a corporate caterer, it is necessary you set some criteria before jumping to any conclusions. You would not want to end up disappointed because you failed to set a benchmark. For your reference, below are few of the criteria you can consider:

  • Interest in your needs

A good corporate caterer will do more listening than talking. They will listen to your needs and try their best to deliver according to that. You can assess this by the way they respond to your enquiries. 

It is your event, so it is only necessary that you set the standards. A professional corporate caterer understands that their clients have their own expectations and needs, and that is where they will base their performance.

  • Ability to service the type of your event

Choosing the corporate caterer that can attend to the requirements of your current event is a must. There are many events that a corporation can hold—anniversary, award ceremony, and anything else of the like. Each event has different requirements, so the caterer that you should consider is the one that can fulfil what is required to make the event successful.

  • Flexibility in their menu

The more options they provide, the better. In case the items you want is not available on their menu, all you need to do is tell them and they will find a way to make it available.

  • Willingness to offer food tasting

How would you know if they will serve great-tasting food? By requesting a food tasting event, of course. Their willingness to offer this is proof that they are confident with the quality of food they serve. Beware of some companies that might serve different a quality during the food tasting than what they will serve during the actual event.

  • Experience and professionalism

The satisfaction of service is not just with the taste of the food but also with the overall service. How their staff and crew provide service to your guests is another factor worth considering. 

Make sure that the said criteria can be met by your hired professionals.