Creative Ways to Take Pictures at Informal Gatherings

Taking pictures for informal gatherings like a friends’ party, or a post-wedding bash, can be tricky and yet a fun experience! The idea behind taking the pictures would be to capture the mood of the party, without taking pictures that look too ‘fake’ or ‘posed for’. Your pictures need to have a natural feel to them, and still be different than other run-of-the-mill type of photos.

Rent a photo booth rental for your party

Have your guests walk into the photo booth rental, pick out some weird props that have been laid down for the occasion, and get photos taken that are quirky, funny, and oh so spontaneous! Photo booth is all the rage nowadays. A throwback to those heady days of the 60’s when no party was fun without one of these lurking somewhere, they are back with a bang again! So use them wisely to spice up your party, and ask the photobooth hire Sydney before hand to send along props that match the theme of your party.

Take pictures with jaunty angles instead of dead center

Most of us take pictures with our camera held steady and straight so that the object of our focus is always dead center in the photograph. Instead try to infuse some fun into your photography by taking photos with some angles in them. Also known as Dutch angle photography, pictures taken with this technique can be immensely likable and different than the rest if you use your camera properly. The trick is to keep the camera level with the focal point of the picture while tilting the camera to create an angular composition.