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Create a Garden Pond

Posted in Home Designs

Installing a garden pond is one of the best ways of brining in nature into your backyard. Garden pond is the perfect meeting place for myriads of birds and small animals and if you put in some fish, you can create a natural nook to spend your leisure hours in the lap of nature.

And the best part is that you can really decorate your pond in different ways and use the entire area to host outstanding parties and get-togethers. Install a fountain or a running stream to create a natural, gurgling effect. Place bird boxes nearby to enhance the natural feel further. A 3ft x 5ft pond is best for small backyards while a large backyard can easily accommodate a 5ft x 8ft pond.

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Create a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden can easily turn your property from just another mundane landscape to an outstanding plot that will be the talk of the town. This is one of the best ways of adding an extension to your garden and creating a beautiful natural look all around. Butterfly gardens look resplendently beautiful with myriads of flowers and shrubs and hundreds of colourful wings flying all around.

Create a Vegetable Garden

This is one extension that will not only make your property look more beautiful but will also add to your health and bank balance! Yes, a vegetable garden is perhaps the best extension you can think of while planning for a natural look. Vegetable garden not only looks extremely pretty but offers several benefits too. You can provide healthy, organically grown vegetables to your family; teach kids the value of healthy eating; save on grocery bills and of course improve the environment by using less pesticides and harmful chemicals.

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