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Corporate Printing Solutions

Posted in Marketing

Digital printing is much simpler and quicker as compared to offset printing. It just involves printing an image from a file located on a computer. The printing can be done at home or office using your own printer. If the quantity and size is too large, you can send the image to a printing house. As is obvious, digital process is easy and cheap too! All you need is your own setup of computers and simple laser printers to take care of your own corporate printing requirements.

You don’t need sophisticated machinery or high-end computers which lowers your investment further. With digital printing, you can expect faster and higher ROI vis-a-vis your print solutions. However, in return for the time and money saved, you must be ready to compromise on quantity and quality. Digital printing is just not suitable for printing in bulk quantities for example in excess of one thousand copies. Also, the shade, clarity and appeal of the final print may vary somewhat from the actual image.

Screen Printing

This is another printing option that you can try for corporate printing in Sydney. Screen printing uses a type of woven mesh that supports a stencil to transmit the required image. It is through the mesh that the desired combination of ink flows through onto a printing surface to create the print. Several such screens are used simultaneously to create multi-coloured images. Screen printing can be creatively used on a range of materials like plastic, ceramic, textiles, paper, hard wood, glass, metal and much more.