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When it comes to article writing, getting started is one of the biggest problems with many people. However, in today’s digital world, whether you are a top-notch business owner, or, are new to the world of business, content is one of the major ingredients, as far as, succeeding at internet marketing is concerned.

In fact, most of the high-ranking websites owe their success to well-framed content. Although, developing content is not a Herculean task, if you are running short of ideas, then the tips given below may help you. While hiring a professional content writing service on the one hand may be helpful, it helps to have your own ideas too.

Include a question-answer section

Making use of question and answer sections may help a lot. Perhaps, you may think that it is a cop-out; however, there are a number of potential clients, or, customers in your niche market, who have questions regarding your products. Answering their questions may provide you with instant content.

 Also, do not forget to get the SEO value out of it. Linking your answers to related services pages on you company website is a SEO technique. Do consider the key phrases of the questions. It would be better if you make use of common key phrases.  

Posting specifications

If your brand sells a product, then posting product specifications is important. This will also give you material to write. However, do remember to hyperlink the specs to the relevant page on your website. In order to get the best out of SEO, make use of HTML format when doing the specs.

Transcribing Podcasts and videos

This is also one of the best ideas when it comes to writing an article. Transcribing the podcasts, as well as, videos about your brand and products, as articles and posting them on your website is a wonderful idea for developing unique articles. Always remember to post the transcription of the podcast, or, video on the same page it’s published. This will help in boosting the rank of that video, or, podcast in universal search.

Now, that you know about some of the instant tips to write articles, you need to learn how to make them compelling and interesting.

Tips to make your articles promising

Do thorough research -

In order to make your content more informative, doing research is very important. So, you should refer to more than one source, while developing content for your website.

Use eye-catching headings -

Heading of an article tells the entire story. A heading should be eye-grabbing. Using numbers in titles can help.

Use subheadings and bullets

Students are always advised to write subjective answers in points. Reason – it helps in scoring the maximum marks as the examiner finds it easy to understand what the students exactly mean. This also holds true for article marketing. Using bullets and sub headings help the readers get the information they are looking for easily, and quickly.

Be unique and original

Maintaining originality, while writing articles is one of the most important things that you need to keep on mind. If your readers find that they have read something similar before, then they will lose interest in your article. So, be careful.