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Conflicts and Team Building

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It is important in a workplace to have clear goals as a team. There are times when members have different expectations towards something which will result to a conflict. As a team manager, you have to find a way to resolve these conflicts while remaining intact as a team. 

Conflicts are but natural

Two fundamentals to be learnt by the members of the team are that having different opinions is as essential for teamwork as is finding the perfect go-ahead strategy and sticking to it. Team members should have strong feelings and a passion for their work which is what will take the team forward. The passion though, needs to be channeled properly so that it is possible to take steps to minimize disagreements and conflicts and resolve thought disagreements.

Clarifying employee expectations is of utmost importance

As a manager, you should give the team a common ground to begin any discussion it is important that the individual expectations be stated clearly. Some ways to clarify expectations include:

• Forming a clear statement of team mission or purpose
• Setting ground rules governing participation and sharing of responsibility
• Arriving on agreements to depersonalize conflicts
• Recognizing that the team process, including brainstorming and discussion is important to results
• Having a structured process for problem solving and conflict resolution
• Being aware of stages of project development and maintenance of each stage
• Individual responsibilities should be defined for real work. There should be a clear link between individual responsibilities and       team mission.
• Project standards and time lines should be defined.

It is vital for the growth of the company and to preserve a good work culture to have a well knit and cohesive team. Profitable team building activities will go a long way in assuring that.