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Common Mistakes that Lead to Division of Groups during Conferences

Posted in Events

In corporate terms, a conference is where many individuals assemble and ideas are shared and exchanged about things related to the institution that organizes the conference or otherwise. Usually, someone hosts this conference and leads the proceedings.

What happens generally and which should be avoided for the good interest of all those attending the conference is the clash of opinions that usually results in a bitter experience throughout the entire length of the conference.

What should you do?

As a leader, you are supposed to set an example to the members of the team as to how things are supposed to be. But then, even the best of leaders are entitled to their set of mistakes but which they should avoid. The team presenting at the conference should be highly united and one person’s mistakes should be taken upon as the rest’s liability. Unity is of foremost importance when participating in any social gathering where a host team is involved.

As a leader, you should not overlook any friction that may be existent between your team members that may cause the team not to function as a tight unit. Also, sharing of responsibilities is of prime concern.

You should not burden anyone or any section of the team with overwhelming responsibilities and at the same time, ease it out on the rest. The division of responsibilities should be equilateral and should complement the capabilities of the individual team members.