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Common Fear of Wearing Contact Lenses and How To Get Over Them

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Our eyes are one of the extremely sensitive organ in our body. When a foreign object enters our eyes, you will feel a lot of discomfort until you remove them. These are some of the reasons why some people are afraid of using contact lens. What follows are some of the fear of wearing contact lenses and how to get over them.

Hurting your Eyes While Inserting / Wearing your Lenses

Another common fear that people harbor while wearing contact lenses is that the lens will scratch their eyes while being inserted. Or, the lenses will lead to abrasions on the surface of the pupils. Using eye drops will help you to protect from both the above situations. Eye drops keep your eyes well-lubricated so that your multi-focal contact lenses will just float smoothly over them.

Put a few drops in both eyes before you insert your contacts. They will slip over your pupils easily and without scratching the surface. Similarly, apply drops at regular intervals to maintain lubrication on the surface of both eyes. Another precaution is to wash your hands thoroughly to minimize risk of harmful foreign particles entering your eyes.

Inserting your Lenses at the Wrong Place

Many people are petrified of putting their lenses at the wrong place. But chances of this happening are slim. This is because multi-focal contact lenses are shaped to align themselves automatically with the shape of your pupil. And with proper lubrication, they will gently slip into position once you blink a few times. They can sometimes slip under your upper or lower eyelid; however just stretching out the eyelid gently will help you to remove them. And do away with the preposterous idea that your multi-focal contact lenses will somehow slip behind your eyeballs! This is simply not possible as your eyelids and the entire edge of the surface of your eyes are connected seamlessly with the back portion. There is just no room for any object to slip.

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