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Common equipment often used in Floor Sanding projects

The equipment used for the floor sanding process are specially designed and are known as ‘sanders’. There are various types of sanders available in the market and you can choose the one you need depending on the type of wood floor you have and the finish required for the floor. See Floating Timber Flooring Sydney

Drum Sanders

Drum sanders are a dream – they not only remove the scratched areas but they can also get rid of hard-to-get-rid-of stains, paint blotches, and even level uneven flooring. The sad part though is that a drum sander is massive and heavy. So heavy that it very often requires two tough grownups to lift the thing and make it work. Also, you need to be able to man oeuvre the drum sander perfectly. Or else, you will end up making deep gouges and marks in your floor instead of removing them.

When you buy or rent a drum floor sander, make sure to buy the exact sanding paper required because these are specially made for floor sanding purposes and you will not find it anywhere else. Also, be very careful while using it and make sure you know exactly how to handle it.

Vibrating Sanders

Vibrating sanders are used for finishing and providing a level appearance to the floor after it has been sanded with a drum sander. The vibrating or orbital sander works in a vibrating motion and polishes the floor to a perfect look. Vibrating sanders are easier to use than drum sanders and less heavy too.