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Common Cause of Low Water Pressure at Home

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Do you ever feel that the water pressure in the house is extremely low that it takes forever to just wash your hair? The troubles and frustrations you get need to end as there are a couple of things to help you with this issue. Save time and money with these tricks:

  • Mind the shower head

If you only experience a disruption in the shower, you may want to check the nozzle or the head. Sometimes it is clogged with debris and dirt that’s why the water can’t pass through. But don’t worry because it can be resolved by unscrewing the shower head and turning on the valve. After clearing the dirt, if the problem is still there, you can replace the shower head.

  • Pressure regulator valve

Sometimes, the problem roots in the pressure regulator. This machine should be adjusted every once in a while, to secure constant pressure. If you don’t have an idea to fix this, you can call an expert. Don’t try to experiment as it can cause further damage.

  • Watch out for water leaks

The sudden low water pressure in the house indicates a leak. Find time to inspect the system to see where it is located. Connections should be tight so leaks cannot happen.

  • Faucet

Turn on the water and test the pressure coming out of the faucet. You can also check the aerator and unclog dirt. Remove it and clean to put away debris. Shut off water switch and disconnect flex lines. If the problem still exists, call plumbers. They have the right tools to fix the problem and can give you accurate report and findings to what causes the glitch.

Save money as you don’t need to buy unnecessary materials and replace any part of the shower or kitchen because plumbers know the right thing to do. You can call Sweeney’s Plumbing and Maintenance for guaranteed professional solutions to emergency situations. They are insured, have highest quality service and experienced staff. Visit their website and schedule an appointment.