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Colours to Use on your Exhibition Stands to Attract Crowds

Posted in Marketing

Attending trade fairs, exhibitions and similar shows are a great way of increasing brand recall and bolstering your sale.  These are great for your marketing strategies. But for that to happen, you must decorate your exhibition stand in a way that will make it different and interesting from the thousands of other exhibition stands in the fair. Several factors such as colour, images and layout play an important part in making your stand look vibrant and inviting. Using the right colours can help you to create a unique look and feel so that your stall stands out among the others on either side.

Selecting the Right Colours for your Exhibition Stall

Selecting an appropriate colour combination for your trade stall can be quite tricky. Too many colours will make the stall look cluttered and disorganized. Excess colours distract visitors away from the core message or focal areas inside the stall. People will just admire the bright and vibrant decorations and walk away without giving a second look at the products displayed or the message you want to convey. Putting up a lot of colours in an unplanned manner just makes your exhibition stand look unprofessional and too casual.

Corporate Colour

Doing up your exhibition stands in corporate colours is also an effective way of creating the right look and feel for this advertisement material. Selecting your own corporate colours will make your stall instantly recognizable to regular customers while familiarizing potential leads to your company logo and brand shades. Often, this the best way of creating the perfect balance between the stand walls, your brands and signages.


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