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Collect the Money Before The Bucks Day Starts

Posted in Events

Everyone would love to have their bit of fun and you may end up paying for all the expenses that have occurred throughout the Bucks day. The best way to be on the safer side is to collect money from all of your friends for the alcohol and the party and make sure you have the best quality of fun worth the money given out by all. Do not rely of dudes who prefer to pay back at a later stage as it may never happen.

No messages to your female friends

No matter how much fun your having and you want to share your joy with your female friends, avoid texting them or calling them in the middle of your party. Always have the sense that you are about to get married and you would not like your female friends to see you in a drunken state and gossip among themselves. Do not attempt to send them messages without self control and turn off your cell phones if possible.

Say no to pictures or small talks

Bucks day should be confidential. If you spill out the beans in front of your friends or girlfriends, it may end up destroying your friend’s life. Keep the pictures among yourself and do not upload them on social networking sites. Always keep your secrets a private affair and do not give an opportunity for all to talk about it aloud.

Fishing camp

You could either catch a fish for dinner or wish to take a cool dip in the pool. Fishing can be an amazing experience with a can of beer and some buddies to chat with. You could choose an area which is near to the coast and has a barbecue facility to make the most of the camp.