Choosing Water Coolers for Your Home or Office

At home or in office, water coolers are a great way to keep you healthy and hydrated. So it’s important to pick the right kind of cooler depending on your convenience and use. A water cooler’s primary function is to dispense clean and cool drinking water. However, modern water coolers come choked with additional features to increase their utilities.

Portable water coolers

As the name suggests, these types of coolers are easy to move around and have been popular in offices for decades together. The only minor disadvantage with them is that you will have to arrange for a constant supply of water bottles according to your consumption. Most of these coolers offer both hot and cold water dispensing options. You no longer have to waste time boiling water in a kettle for just one cup of tea or coffee. Nor do you have to stock up your refrigerator with bottles of cold water for the summer.

If you have friends over for an outdoor barbecue during the summer, you can always keep your cold water supply close by. However, you should also be prepared to do some heavy lifting each time you need to change bottles. If you have a large family or more employees, you’ll probably go through more water, so make sure you have the space to store additional bottles as per your needs.

Plumbed-in water coolers

These types of coolers avoid the hassle of purchasing and hauling heavy water bottles constantly. They come equipped with filters and a purification system. So all you have to do is hook them up into water and power supply units and they’ll be all set. These coolers are further divided into two categories: countertop water coolers and floor water coolers.

Countertop water coolers are more popular at homes as they are compact and can be accommodated in kitchen counters. Floor water coolers, on the other hand, are similar to portable water coolers sans the inverted water bottle on top.

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