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Choose the Right Curtain Colours For Your Living Room

Posted in Home Designs

Interior decorators have been drawing inspiration from nature since ages. Invite in cosy warm colours like scarlet, rust and royal purple in your curtains in the winters as this is the time when the eye naturally appreciates warmer shades. When summer comes you could have sea green, light blue and ivory rose which can soothe the eyes against the scorching heat.

Play with contrast

Contrasting shades can draw the eye towards a certain area in the room. Don’t get into the old fashioned mode of using the same coloured curtains everywhere in your living room. Draw attention to paintings, pictures, shades, artwork etc in a specific corner of the room by having contrast colour curtains nearby. If there is some unique element in the room next to your living room then you can try fitting contrasting colour curtains in that door too.

Don’t keep clashing colors together

There are some shades that simply don’t work well together. Yellow and black, orange and blue, red and yellow etc strain the eyes and hence are called non-complimentary shades. It’s a good idea to avoid using these shades when you are choosing colour curtains. Keep the overall decor idea in mind while visiting the curtain store and carry along some samples of shades of your furniture with you. Consult the store salesman about which colour curtains would work best for your living room.

Roller blinds

One should check the warning notice on the roller blinds. The blind must be able to meet the new safety standards. Written instructions for assembly and installation should be read properly and the safety standards of installing the blind must be checked thoroughly.