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Challenges Facing Professional Dentist in 21st century

Posted in Medical

Dentist in Brisbane has been known for their outstanding achievements for many past decades. They have been praised for their preventive concepts that has seen huge success in dental health. But this profession is just not a walk in the park, whether you have your own practice or you are a practitioner. There are challenges encountered in this profession and solutions have to be laid down as soonest.

Dentist understands the power of great smile and excellent oral health and that’s why they are passionate about their job. However, their work and future practices are still placed at risk. Some of the challenges include:

  • Lawsuits:  Legal actions have been filed against them when care is not administered appropriately. Dental practice requires superior care on safety of the patients. Incidences arise sometimes that makes the patients feel enough precaution was not followed during the procedure, leading to law suits. You can be sued by patients and his has brought a lot of worry in this profession and it’s the most stressful and dissatisfying aspect. It can tarnish your reputation, damages you financially and you even risk losing your practice license. To avoid this, perform your duties well and professionally.
  • Incompetent staff. Dentists need qualified staff to run their practice efficiently and effectively. Hiring incompetent staff who does not understand their job description affects your practice. As you know lawsuits are costly and damaging, ensure your staff are competent enough to enhance a successful long term practice.
  • Unfulfilling third party payment organizations. These include parties such as insurance companies and charitable organization. They have payment plans that do not compensate procedures. Some insurance company employees are uneducated and they dictate treatment procedures which really frustrates dentists
  • Job satisfaction is highly emotional. As much as it is a promising career where job security and perfect pay package, job satisfaction is reportedly cited as very low. You have to sacrifice most of your treasured time in the practice that you would have spent with your family. They work under pressure and the same time providing quality service to patient, making them feel they care for their wellbeing not just teeth only.
  • Increasing number of graduate dentist and oral hygienists. There are upcoming dental schools in specific geographical areas and others have been started recently. This has increased the number of struggling dentist resulting to overabundance in specific communities. General Practioners end up performing tasks meant by specialists. Quality of service is limited and finally affecting reputation of other professionals in dentistry field.s