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Carpet Cleaning Techniques For An Odor-Free Home

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Even if your carpet requires deep cleaning, the process will still be much easier if regular maintenance is observed. You need to vacuum your carpets once a week especially if it is placed in areas prone to dirt. Not only will you remove dirt but you are also prolonging your carpet’s life. Even spills must be immediately removed with water or other cleaning solutions. Later on, you will realize that carpet cleaning is not a difficult task once you follow the right technique.

Tips For Keeping Carpet Clean



•    Using Shampoo For Your Carpet More often than not, carpet is cleaned with the use of shampoo. Regardless of the carpet shampoo brand you use, make sure you pay heed to the directions for use. Usually, the shampoo is diluted with water. If you need to use it for cleaning stained area, see to it that you only use the right amount. Do not use too much water for cleaning your carpet as this can be a waste of detergent and you will also require longer drying time. Do not vacuum your carpet unless it is already dry.

•    Using Powder For Your Carpet Aside from carpet shampoo, you can also clean it using powder. It can be a baking soda or powdered carpet cleaner. When cleaning your carpet with powder, make sure that you sprinkle it all over your carpets. Allow at least 30 minutes for the solution to sink in. If time permits you to leave it overnight, do so as this can soften the stains and remove odors. Once done, vacuum the residue and loose dirt.

Which is the best method to use?

Carpet cleaning can be a tricky job for those who do not know which technique works best for them. You can choose from wet and dry method and it will solely depend on your needs. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Persistent carpet stains can be removed using dry method. Due to the fact that it only requires shorter drying time, you can use it immediately without experiencing inconveniences brought about by removing the carpet.

However, it is best to use steam carpet cleaning if you have enough time for the carpet to be completely dry.  You can also use natural carpet cleaning products to protect your family and pets against harmful chemicals. Sticky gum stains can be removed using an ice cube before removing it. You can also deal with smelly stains by mixing warm water with vinegar.