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Buying Off the Plan House – Pros and Cons

Posted in Construction & Renovation

If you take off the plan properties without considering the growth ideas then you can risk your money. Therefore, taking advice from the estate agents can help you secure your hard earned money. According to your understanding, you may have considered the growth ideas but the estate agents have the complete information about the location, amenities, future growth rate of properties, etc.

Moreover, they are in touch with the home builders in Mackay to get complete information. Growth drivers which need to be considered are, growing population in the area, infrastructure development, etc. The fair market value is another risk with your money which an estate agent can help you overcome.

Understanding the market

If you are planning to sell the property in the future, establishing the type of market is necessary for profit. You can take advice from the estate agents about the demand of property and from where is it coming. It is vital to consider the buyers who are purchasing the property in the same development so the risk of competition can be eliminated and you get more profit.

Other risks to buy off the plan

You may end up paying more for the development but after building completion and contract exchange, the property market may fall. Securing finance is a great risk in such a deal. Most of the home builders do not allow you to visit the location and check the property that can result in failed expectations. Having a smoke alarm Brisbane is a must.

Checking the terms of agreement and chances of receiving your money back in case of liquidation is important.   

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