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Buying Men’s Oxford Shoes Tips

Posted in Shopping

Tuxedo shoes are best for office purpose, as the leather used in these shoes is patent and shiny in look. Men’s Dress Shoes in tuxedo have simple and un-trimmed heel. Worn with fit dress pants, they will give you a completely formal look.

Cap-toe Oxford Shoes

Cap-toe oxford shoes worn with black pants or navy blue pants, will give you a professional look. Choose to wear men’s dress shoes having patent and bright leather.

Semi-Formal Events

For semi-formal events, you can wear oxford shoes, and match their colour with your dress. Prefer to wear shoes with cognac shade, as they will give you a sophisticated look. Little embellishment can do in semi-formal occasions.


You can choose to wear wingtips shoes along-with jeans having dark colour or corduroy dress pants. Wingtips are made up of fine leather, and if matched perfectly with dress, will give you a stylish, as well as formal look.

Saddle shoes

Saddle shoes worn with seersucker pants or a suit having retro look, will give you an amazing and trendy look. Saddle shoes generally come in two colours, black and white. In sports such as golf and others, they give you a classic and rich look.


In men’s dress shoes, bluchers are perfect to be worn on casual occasions. These shoes have open lacing and their toes are straight, you can match them with jeans, beat up cords or dress pants.

Formal Occasions

For formal occasions, you can wear well-polished oxford shoes having black colour. Choose shoes, having shiny leather and some heel.