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Buying a Hand Grinder

Posted in Shopping

The electrical coffee grinders cost at least 50% more than its manual counterpart. What’s the point of investing an astronomical sum of money for a fancy grinder when you can brew a good cup of coffee by a manual grinder too? The basic hand operated grinder is available between the price ranges of $75 to $100 while the fancy electric ones may go up to $ 400. So if you are working on a limited budget a hand operated grinder is your only ticket to a fresh cup of home ground coffee. The only thing that you need to make sure is that your grinder is fitted with a burr and not a blade.

Freshness is the key

You might think that since you are operating on a low budget, why not skip the entire process of buying a grinder and switch to convenient low cost instant coffee. Well a cup of instant coffee even if it’s of an exotic variety can never have the same aroma and flavour as freshly ground coffee. Coffee tastes immensely better when it has been ground freshly in a grinder because in the next two minutes it will begin to stale as the coffee beans start the process of self oxidization. The flavor changes instantly so what you get with instant coffee is a reduced taste and diminished flavour.

In the end, coffee grinders are always beneficial to have at homes than depending on cafes and restaurants. Your coffee is always fresh and delicious.

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