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Building Muscles – How Much Protein Do You Need?

Posted in Health & Fitness

Many people think that if they don’t eat for a day, their body will shrink back to the initial see and all their hard work will be lost. This is not at all true. The muscle building protein supplement is actually taken from a pool of amino acids.

When there are some enzymes that are not being used by the body, they are broken down and sent to the AA pool. So in case of fasting, the digestion enzymes are not being used so they will be broken down and sent to the amino acid pool where muscle building protein will be taken from.

What is your protein intake?

Before doubling your protein intake for the day, you need to assess your current protein consumption. The data that states the protein requirement for an average man sums up to a total of 56 grams per day and women is 46 grams, is based on the consumption by an average man. However not everyone takes up the same amount of protein every day. It’s possible that you may be already taking about 100 grams of protein. In that case you will not have to exactly double the intake but just add a few percentage of it.

Frequency of protein intake

On an average 20-30 grams of protein goes to our body when we eat a meal. But what happens if the quantity of meal is less? Not every one of us has the same speed of eating or even the same schedule of having the food. Some may eat lump sum amount of food only for a couple of times while some may keep eating continuously in small bits. Ideally, you need to take meals, having 20-30 grams of protein, 5 to 6 times a day in order to maximize muscle protein production.

Gym equipments are used by the body builders, exercise enthusiasts and sports men.

Do you want to start your own business? Try to invest on a juice bar. You may incorporate to body building shakes the whey protein and bananas.

 Body balance and coordination is important in wakeboarding. It is therefore necessary for you to strengthen your core muscles when you are into this water sport.