Construction & Renovation

Building Granny Flats

Building a home is a big investment of which one must think critically about before getting into it. This can also be considered to be a good home extension.  Most people considering building a granny flat do not give it enough thought which often leads to disappointments. That being sad it isn’t difficult to find and build a flat that you will love. The problem is usually how to find the best price in the market, and a genuine builder who is qualified and skilled enough to deliver exactly what you need.

Finding the Right Builder

This is the first and utterly crucial step towards acquiring a decent granny flat. The proper builder will guide on the ideal design based on your preferences and other factors such as location.

Finding the proper builder will call for extensive research. Start with an online search and browse through reviews that analyze the top builders in the field. You should then look at various construction magazines and articles that discuss the topic.

In your search for a builder, you are most likely to encounter various granny flat designs and models. This will offer you an idea of what you might want your granny flat to look like. It is thus important to keep a few of these favorite designs or even have them printed out.

They will work as a guide to the builder on what your expectations are.

Discussing with your builder about the cost is important as most leave this pending allowing for price increases as the project progresses.

The Ideal Builder

It may be hard to deduce which builder is the best for you from face-value. The best builders are those who have specialized primarily in granny flat building and design. Read more about the ideal builder.

The house is a dream that you have, and it is the builder who actualizes this dream. The best builder is one who is confident that he can take your dream and build a house out of it.

When choosing a builder it important to consider the evidence in the builder’s portfolio and the claims that the builder makes. It is also wise to trust your gut; if the home builder sounds too good to be true then he most probably is not authentic.

The Ideal Design


This is not as taxing as choosing a builder. Most people even have fun deciding on the ideal plan. It is important that you customize the design in a way that is realistic but at the same time fulfills your visualization of your dream house.

The key here is discerning what you want and ensuring that you get it.