Best Places to Visit in Sydney

If you want an unforgettable vacation, take a trip to the land down under. The rich architectural sites and sceneries make the place a joy to explore. To convince you more, we listed the top attractions that make Sydney remarkable.

Sydney Opera House

Your Sydney vacation is not complete without visiting the Opera House. The magnificent harbourside location and stunning architecture are some reasons why UNESCO listed it as one of World Heritage Sites. In addition, it also offers varieties of performances such as operas, concerts and theatre play.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Fans of great architectural landmarks should never miss the opportunity to visit the Harbour Bridge. Aside from its undeniable beauty and overlooking view, it also has a wide contribution to the city’s transportation system. Visitors are free to walk and cycle on the iconic bridge.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Walked around the Royal Botanic Garden and see why the place continues to dazzle. This oasis is located between central business district and harbour. Aside from the trees and flowers, the place is also filled with birds such as cockatoos and flying foxes.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach golden sand and turquoise water continue to be the favourites amongst surfers and tourists. You can go surfing, snorkelling, diving, take a leisure stroll or simply lay around enjoying the sun and the view.

Sydney Olympic Park

Enjoy different sets of activities in Sydney Olympic Park. This world class venue is home to the most exciting shows and sports games.

People see Sydney as a wonderful place to visit. And this comes in no surprise with the list of places and events you can explore. If you are on a vacation and you’re looking for a near accommodation Olympic Park Sydney or in the city, you could visit Sleep Express. Check their website for complete details.