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Benefits of Web Videos For Corporate Marketing Team

Posted in Marketing

When you are a global outfit and have customers all over the world, phone calls and emails may not always work best. But a video makes the customer feel like they are connected to the company, and the human element in the video makes them feel like they are a part of the larger whole.

Better recall value

Recall value is a term that is widely used in the marketing circles, and for many it can many things. But in general, recall value is the qualitative measurement of the brand’s recognition among the masses.

As a marketing strategy, corporate video production Sydney aims at upping the brand recall value and since you would be promoting your video on widely used platforms like YouTube, you could potentially get instant recognition. By targeting the video to the user demographic that best matches your clientele, you increase the chances of converting video watchers to long term customers.

Client education and awareness

When you launch a new feature or a new product and need to educate your clientele about it, a video will do the trick every time. You can also include messaging on how the features or products can be used and what the customer needs to procure them. If done right, you can educate your customer as well make your sales pitch in the same video without sounding pushy and greedy.

Use the best online mediums

You need to promote your video on publicly known platforms where it will have a wider reach. YouTube and Facebook are two such social media sites which have the potential to draw in a lot of crowd and marketing your video on these sites may help you capture the nerve of the market.

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