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Basic Features of Test and Tag Services you Should Know About

Posted in Industrial

The name “testing and tagging services” has the good fortune of doing exactly what its name suggests i.e. testing and tagging. You can get all types of electrical appliances submitted for “test and tag services and the appliances will come back with an appropriate tag suggesting what date they have been tested on and by whom. Electrical safety is one of the most important things which can be tested especially the reliability of insulation and earth bonding.

Running a hospitality set up

If you are running or operating a hospitality set up like a small guest house, lodging or a bread and breakfast place you are legally obligated to get all electrical appliances tested for safety. Otherwise if one of the appliances malfunctions and any of your guest gets harmed you will be in legal trouble. If your property gets harmed then you get no compensation if the source of the harm is an untested rented electrical appliance. Therefore it is both to your financial and personal interest that you get your appliances submitted to a reputed test and tag company.

Government Test and tag regulations

The Australian government recognises the importance of test and tag services. The business (renting appliance and electrical instruments) which operate in Australia have to get gears tested after every 6 months or so to maintain safety standards. The testing and tagging process should be performed by Test and Tag services. The actual legislations should vary from state to state so you need to check with your local council office about laws that are applicable to your business. All specifications are mentioned in the Australian Standard AS/NZS3760 and the electrical testing specifications are fully detailed with appropriate by laws and legal requirements.