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Basic Exercise Ideas to Prepare your Body for Wake boarding

Posted in Health & Fitness

Wake boarding is a very interesting water sport but it constantly challenges your body to maintain balance and coordination. The act of balancing is dependent on the strength of your core muscles so you should practice specific exercises which challenge your core muscles. Lifting weights is good for building lean muscle reserves and strengthening core muscles; especially when you do it single legged or single armed. Wobble boards and discs are other devices which can be extensively used to strengthen your wake boarding skills. You can also consider investing in a stability ball. Buy wakeboarding accessories and safety gears here.

Why is strengthening the core muscles important?

The core of the body is also known as the trunk of the body minus the limbs. Wake boarding is a core sport in the sense it uses the core muscles to balance and stabilize the body. Your core muscles must be strong if you ever hope to become a good wake boarder. In wake boarding body balance, stability and force control are three of the most important things. You can build on all three aspects by practicing core muscle exercises. These types of core exercises include limited movement of hips and spines and they expand on building lean muscle development and muscular endurance.

Core exercises involve drawing in and bracing exercises The drawing in movement happens when you try to pull the belly button towards the spine and automatically the stomach is sucked in. The bracing movement happens when the abs, lower back and the buttock muscles are simultaneously contracted. Both movements are very important for stabilizing your core muscles.

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