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Areas of Expertise of Website Designer

Posted in Marketing

It is uncommon to find a website designer who is expert in all areas of web page design. Some of them are experts in the field of graphic arts while others are experts in the field of writing. Lucky if you find someone who can do everything for you; otherwise, each website designer has his own areas of expertise.

Expert in graphic design

Graphic design is an area in web page creation where the use of colors, fonts, among others, are used to come-up with a very creative and artistic web page design. Someone who is expert in this field knows how to add computer-generated images and the proper combination of colors and fonts to attract users to the website. A website designer who is an expert in this area of web page design is considered as the artist.

Expert in writing

There are two kinds of writers in the area of web page design. The first is the HTML writer. A website designer who is expert in this area is responsible for creating a web page that can direct the users to links. It can be quite complicated but a web page that has links is easier to navigate and each product can be elaborated more thoroughly. The second type of a writer is for the search engine optimization. No matter how attractive a web page is, but if the search engine like yahoo cannot read the web page, then the users cannot be directed to the web page that advertises the business. The task of a website designer who is an expert in the area of  the SEO is to place the keyword in proper locations in the web page to make it readable by the search engines.

Expert in interface design

An interface design is necessary to make a web page user friendly. This is one of the areas that a website designer excels. A friendly interface design allows the users to directly ‘communicate’ with the system or the machine. Communicating with the machine is usually during the actual process of purchasing a product online. A user is directed to follow the instructions as commanded by the machine like number of items to be purchased, the place of delivery, mode of payment, and so much more. The idea is to make it easy to understand. Those are the different areas in web page design and each website designer has his own areas of expertise that will make a web page catchy and readable by search engines.

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