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Air Conditioning Repairs: Common Compressor Problems

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Most owners who calls for Air Conditioning Repairs, often neglected one thing, and this thing is as simple as reading the operational manual so as the service manual. If you are to think about it, it was placed there for a reason, it was made for a reason, and that reason is to guide you to properly use and maintain the unit, guaranteeing long time of usage without any problems so long as the procedure given are followed, as how it should be followed.

Regular maintenance is needed not just because manufacturers want you to shed money rather to help you maintain the condition of your investment in tip top shape, guaranteeing a longer life span for the unit. When neglected, the following scenarios may occur, leading to Brisbane air conditioning repairs.

Dust and grime may build up due to improper cleaning of air filter and neglected maintenance of the unit, resulting to the build up of dirt and grime in the condenser coil, which makes it hard for the unit to repel the heat thus forcing the compressor to work double time to cool the area, which causes the compressor to overheat and fail eventually, leading to Air Conditioning Repairs or worse, the need to buy a new one.

As a part of maintenance to avoid Air Conditioning Repairs, regular check on refrigerant charge is done during each visit of an air conditioning technician as part of the regular routine check they do. Refrigerants may leak in the ac lines overtime, such are common things that may happen eventually regardless of how religious the maintenance is followed, in such cases, the compressor would need to work double time to keep the area cool, which greatly affects the condition of the motor an eventually may lead to overheating or failing. That is one of the reason such a regular check by a technician is important to inspect for possible leaks either on cracks that may have happened or perhaps in o-rings or seals in the couplings.

Just like that of low level refrigerant cases, having too much refrigerant in the system may cause the compressor to fail. Often happens when a person adds too much refrigerant during charging, or mistakenly added the wrong refrigerant to the system. These refrigerants need to be charged in ration with the oil needed to lubricate the system. Failure to maintain such ratio would mean problems with the system and may lead to Air Conditioning Repairs or worse to buy a new unit.

The above mentioned scenarios are just a few things that greatly affects the life span of your unit, it is best to read the manuals included in the unit to understand your responsibility as an owner so as to avoid the need for Air Conditioning Repairs.