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Advantages of Screenprinting

Posted in Marketing

One of the printing techniques is called screenprinting, the one that is considered the most versatile kind of printing because it can be used to variety of materials like plastic, glass, metals, paperboard, nylon and cotton. This type of printing makes use of a mesh where the ink passes through into the substrate. A squeegee, when moved across the screen will be scattered on the mesh and the ink transfers to the substrates creating the mesh you have on the screen. You can have multiple designs visible on the mesh and will be transferred to the material to be printed.

Screenprinting has many advantages. Firstly, it has a very nice and unique result. When the ink used is durable and of high quality, the print out carries vivid colors and that they are used for outdoor purposes. They can be printed on the t-shirts, caps, towels and other stuff which are washable or non-washable. Washing the material printing through screen printing is not an issue since the ink has dried up on it.




When you want a printing technology that is very flexible, screenprinting is really an option. Regardless of the thickness of the materials, designs can be easily transferred. It is least costly as well and so it can be very helpful for massive production.

Putting on the design on the mesh for screenprinting is one of the toughest jobs in the printing process at first but once it is done, you can go on printing using the mesh for several times. Yes, it entails a skilled and expert person to do the framed mesh and form the design on it ready for printing. If you consider screenprinting  service for your campaign stuff like shirts and caps, you can find companies that offer screen printing. All you need is to show the design and they will be the one to create a screen for such and as well as to use the screen for massive printing.

The price of the screenprinting varies depending on the size of the design, the complexity and the colours to be used. The more complicated and the more colours you want to be utilized, the higher is the price. The type of the ink to be used is another factor that will tell about the price.

Talk to an experienced professional who have been practicing screenprinting for several years and then get a quote for the kind of printing job you want to be produced.