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Things You Need to Know About Roof Repair

Posted in Home Maintenance

Minor leaks can lead to major damage.

Maybe you think that the leak is still not that serious, but mind you, you need a roof repair as early as you see the signs. Even the smallest leak can lead to roof jacket and timbers to rot. So if you can see water stain, usually yellow in color that extends across the ceiling, start to track where is it coming from. If you left your roof unfix, this can lead to major rotting, molding and roof sheathing. These small leaks can leads to major damages and can make it more expensive to fix, so consider a roof repair as early as possible.

Ask for the help of professionals.”

Tracking for roof leaks can be a tough job, it can be difficult to locate. So to save time and effort, contact someone who is qualified and knowledgeable in roof repair. Tracking for the leak is difficult because water runs down before it actually starts leaking from the ceiling.

Temporary remedy while waiting for the contractor.”

Let’s assume that you already called a contractor for the “roof repair”. While waiting before they arrive here is what you can do. You can use plastic sheets to cover the hole. You can also use roof paper or roofing felt for alternatives.

If you know where the leak is located, you can use a 12 x 12 inch piece of metal sheet to cover it. You can lift the damaged shingle with one hand and push the sheet underneath.

Roofing Repair


Roof Maintenance.”

Roof leaks can be because of cracked, damaged or missing shingles. If the shingle is damaged and you can find the problem, you can try to fix it. But if not, then get down and call a professional. Here are some simple tips for simple roof maintenance and roof repair.

Curled-back shingles can be re-attached using asphalt roof cement. Note that during hot weather you can easily straighten it, but it’s usually brittle during cold weather. To flatten a brittle shingles, you can use a propane torch and apply some heat. Please do this carefully and with great caution.

After you flatten it, apply the roof cement to the bottom, in every corner and press the shingle firmly into its place. However, for shingles that are rotten and worn out, you need to replace it with a new one.

Remember that you have to repair leaks as soon as possible. And if you know that your knowledge to fix it is limited, better call Brisbane roof repair than be sorry.