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3 Tips for Making Car Accident Claims

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Nobody wants to get into a car accident because it will take up a lot of your time as you will have to file a police report, hire a public liability lawyer and take the car to the repair shop. This is why you should observe safety rules whenever driving your car. When you get into an accident, you would want to get it over with so you can move on with your life. Here are 3 tips in making car accident claims:

1)           Get Contact Information

The first thing you should do when an accident happens is to get the contact information of everyone involved. This includes the driver of the car who mauled you, the police officers who tried to solve the problem, the driver’s insurance company and all the witnesses of the incident.

2)           Take Pictures

Despite being in a state of shock over the accident, it is important to take lots of pictures. You must remember that your mobile phone has a camera in it. Use the camera right away so the pictures can be used as evidence. There is a chance the driver will say the accident was your fault and you will end up paying for the damages even if you were the victim. You must avoid that from happening by taking pictures of the areas where the vehicle was damaged, the license plate of both vehicles and where the vehicles were located.

3)           Understand Insurance Company is not on your side

The insurance company makes good business by paying out less money than the amount it was supposed to so they are going to make claims that will result to that. They are not on your side so they will find ways to prove that the accident was your fault or you were not able to provide enough evidence to support your claims. Most of the times, it is going to point out both arguments. To avoid unfair treatment from the insurance company, you must submit a lot of documents to support your claims.

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