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HTML is the foundation of web programming and all web designs are based on it. There are numerous practical applications of HTML like embedding multimedia into virtually any written content and drafting and e-newsletters. Learning HTML is important as employers give preference to candidates who have a sound knowledge of this language. It helps you to get your dream job and win laurels, on the professional front.

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Why you should learn HTML

A well-coded site is more optimized for website search engines or more findable on the various search engines and loads much faster. As the files are smaller such a site is more economical and it is far easier to maintain. As in such a case you use less band width so it cuts down your hosting costs by a significant degree.

Additionally you need not buy that costly software. Gedit is an open and free source text editor which may be used for Linux while Windows users have Notepad++. If you are simply writing a blog, a basic knowledge of HTML will bring about a sea change in the visual appeal of your work.

Personal benefits of HTML

A working knowledge of web programming languages gives you the added advantage of creating an online portfolio without using the WordPress. In this manner you can create a portfolio from scratch. HTML lays the foundation for you to learn other programming languages like JavaScript and FBML.

JavaScript is a common language which is used in web browsers and the Facebook’s version of HTML is known as FBML. Being a mark-up language, learning HTML is much easier and once you are well versed with it you can quickly learn the complex programming languages.